Orchard Hill English Shepherds
ORCHARD HILL ENGLISH SHEPHERDS is located in North Central Idaho. Craig's great-grandparents homesteaded this farm/ranch in 1901. We have a herd of Murray Grey/Angus cattle that varies in size from 90 to 10. We also raise wheat, barley, oats, canola, and hay. Our personal start in farming began on a four-acre corner of the ranch, on a hill in the old family orchard, and that small beginning is the source of our farm name.

As of the fall of 2014, we no longer have livestock, being retired or semi-retired from farming. I may get a flock of sheep for the summer, just to train the dogs. I miss stock work too, and I would love to do some American Herding Breed Association trials, like I have done with Mace in the past.

Our first dog, Mace, came to help us work our cattle. We liked the breed so well that we currently have four English shepherds: Shepherd's Way Mace, Orchard Hill Ember, Ember's daughter Orchard Hill Steel Magnolia, and Ember's son Orchard Hill Loki.

For a good description of English shepherd character, see the English Shepherd Club website page on
character, or this page.
Contact Kris Hazelbaker
208-983-0283 (H) or 208-983-8998 (C)
499 Milt Springs Loop, Grangeville, ID 83530.
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NEWS: There is a new pup at Orchard Hill! I was privileged to get a pup from Sue Hagle. Sue introduced me to English Shepherds 10+ years ago. She bred her Mona to Mace, and this spring had a litter from Mace and Mona's daughter, Ring. I have always admired Mona and Ring, so the opportunity to have one of Ring's pups was one I had to take advantage of.